SAS | Die Stadt

Awakenings (Daytime mix)


Goodbye overrated conditional thinking
It is clarity
it is light that leads
Couldn’t resist,
the call of the wild.

In search of something bigger
to rely on
and to call my own, this time.

Breaking free
Taking my power back
When waking up
don’t cry
‘cause it is getting colder.
One more night,
you need to wander inside the dark.

Now that the fog has gone,
I can see.

Portrait of Sas


When I first heard DieStadt’s music, I was just instantly blown away. It was just so inviting to hum along with the music, that I realised we had to turn this into a collaboration and do a project together.

When Antonio said I could give it a try, I came up with a demo and an idea for a mini album, inspired by this positive, transformational and soothing vibe his music conveys.

I knew I had to hire François Le Goffic to record and co-produce vocals for this production, as he had done such a great job on my second full length album. We mixed vocals together and this is how the nighttime mix was created: it's a song like approach, whereas the daytime mix focuses more on the electronic sonics of the same tracks.

I wished for the the melodies to have this transitional, dream state feel and wanted the lyrics to match that sensation. What came out was this hush like message: 'all is well'. I left the song titles and album name up to Antonio and he came up with these perfect titles and such memorizing artwork. I am really proud of this production. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Antonio.


Portrait of Die Stadt


I heard SAS' music for the first time a long time ago, when we were, both (unknowingly), frequenting the pubs of Alameda square. It was a live event and it was the strength of her performance that grabbed my attention.

It was a surprise when she came to me with the idea of making some music together, for we come from apparently, such distant sonic universes. However, she presented me a demo of one of my themes with her vocals, and I was astonished: the blending of her voice, full of nuances and my electronics was perfect, the themes acquired a new dimension I had never expected they could have.

In the end it's been more difficult than expected, but it was her who pushed the project forward and I have nothing but gratitude for this.

Die Stadt